This is a skull. PARTYDUNGEON This is a skull.

Welcome! to my page...

This is a dancing pimp dwarf.

This is a cute bunny.
Not really, what do you think I am, some kind of sadist?


What up losers! This is my webpage. LOL! I like lots of things like DBZ and music or whatever but most of all I like games. My favorite game right now is EverQuest, which beats the shit out of Ultima Online cause it only ran on my computer once and wouldn't run again. wtf! So now I'm an ogre shadow knight and I train noobs on karana! Watch out bitches! lol

I also like SimCity 2000, which was weird, cause when I got it I also got Wing Commander 3 but my dad wouldn't let me play both at the same time and I was like "wtf? cities are boring and shitty", but it was actually awesome and I spent a ton of time on it. There's an editor called SCURK and you can change the buildings and crap, so I changed Maxis Man into a flying pony and made the sailboats dinosaurs and stuff. It was pretty rad.

Oh yeah and if you want to group up, I'm a lvl 17 and we can fight in runnyeye or something so send a tell to Phataz.



One time I was playing eq and I made a female wood elf druid and was killing wasps in greater faydark and suddenly I started getting tells like "hey cutie" and "and come to the lift" and stuff like that. So I go to the lift and this high lvl guy gives me a bunch of stuff. It was cool! Sometimes random dudes give me stuff and it's pretty gay but it's okay cause I'm gonna be rich! Haha fukkin nerds!

Also one day I was playing eq and some random orc hit me and I got into the purple zone and collapsed as I was running and skid halfway across the zone until another mob killed me. Fuck!

Have you ever been to the cat room? I was in befallen and I'm not sure what happened, but I fell into this room with pictures of cats on the wall. I couldn't leave and a gm had to port me out.

This is a dancing high elf bitch.This is a dancing high elf bitch.This is a dancing high elf bitch.
my bitches, lol



Mindflayers are hands down my favorite monster. They're the pro monster because they have a huge pet brain and a tentacle face. lol! Those tentacles are crazy man. I bet they have tentacle penises too. Like 4 of them. Or a penis 4 times as long. Something like that anyway. My dm won't let me play one, but when I'm dm, he better watch the fuck out!

This is a poorly compressed illithid.
Female illithids probably look like this.
This is a mindflayer.
A True G


Here are some cool screenshots I took. I'll add more soon. Maybe...

This is a cute wood elf druid.
imma cute girl, gimmie stuff
This is a SimCity 2000 dick city.
My city is getting attacked :(



EverQuest This game is pretty fucking sweet.
EQ Atlas Maps for EQ!
SimCity I wasted so many hours on this game.
Baldur's Gate I like this game, even though it takes fukkin ages to load.
Bethesda Softworks They make fun games but they're pretty buggy tho.
GameFAQs A good place for walkthroughs.
GameWinners Cheats for cool dudes.
Beanie Babies Don't laugh, I like them :(
Space Ghost Coast to Coast This is a pretty good show.
The Weather Channel My favorite channel!
Stick Death A pretty funny site!

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